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Hi, I’m Elli and yup, my last name is Sniff. Take that! I love to laugh. I like semicolons; for no real reason. I can’t smile without showing my teeth – it’s true, I try. I wish I had an ongoing personal soundtrack to my life (sometimes I pretend like I do anyway). And I don’t really see the need for a blanket with sleeves. I know ASL and unknowingly I’ll probably sign while I’m talking to you, sorry about that. I love to travel. My favorite food is sushi. And I’m giddy in love with my husband, he’s pretty cool (even though he has a weird last name).


I see pictures everywhere. I challenge myself constantly to see creativity and beauty in everything. I love to love. And better, I love to capture love. Emotion and life – that is what produces…Nostalgia. And that’s what I want to capture for you!


I want to be on your team. Together I want to capture your unique love story. Shoot me an email. I can’t wait to hear about what makes you , you.