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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have the best clients ever – they’re awesome! I’m grateful for my experiences with each and every one of them and I’m always happy when they’re happy. I recently received this email from one of my clients. And while yes, it’s nice to receive the great feedback, really I’m most grateful for the detailed response from my customers so I can continue to refine the specifics and offer top notch service in a way that suites them best. It’s responses like this that help me do that. Of course, I love when people love what I do but most importantly I want them to love the result. I wanted to share, hopefully to give future clients insight to the experience with Nostalgia. I want potential clients to hear from past clients, the nitty and the gritty, so they know exactly what to expect. So, I posted the ‘bad’ and the ‘good’ although I’ll say for the record, I’ve only been late with a DVD delivery 4 times in the history of Nostalgia and this was one of them -much apologizes to my clients for that. Also, big, big props and thank you to my assistant Lisa. She IS great and I always appreciate her help.


Hi Elli,

I managed to misplace the “feedback” card that came with our DVD.  I hope this email will suffice for now.

The bad: the DVD was kinda late.  boo hiss!

The good:  Both Katy and I are incredibly satisfied with your service and its resulting product.  I’ve seen many, many wedding photographs and I can easily say that the quality of these shots are just top-notch (but you know that).  You managed to capture not only our wedding, but also managed a glimpse at who we really are as a couple.  From deathly dark bride-in-mask to laugh out loud girly groomsmen your photos captured a range I simply don’t see often in the cookie cutter clutter of wedding photography elsewhere.  Even more startling (to me as a photographer) was the way you went after the shots.  Rarely did I hear the rapid-fire full auto shutter, signifying that the photographer hopes one of those is a keeper; instead you set your shot and stuck with it, usually in a single take.  Your assistant didn’t just carry gear and look bored like I see so often, but was actively engaged the entire time, being super helpful in areas I didn’t expect (carrying the train, etc).  You even wrangled the Maid of Honor into holding the slave! I’m also pretty sure you stayed after your arranged time to capture our slightly-late leaving ride outta town.

Suffice to say we are floored at how amazingly well everything turned out.  I will recommend you as a photographer as much as I physically can and someday if we ever spit out some kids I know who I’ll be shooting an email to straight away.

Thank you thank you thank you,

Jeremy and Katy Rosenlund

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