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McDougall Family

A casual life-style session in your back yard with lots of bare feet – I’m in. I am a huge fan of these low key sessions where families can be themselves in their own elements and I get to capture life, just as it happens.

When I look back on old photographs of me as a child or my parents and grandparents younger years, the aspects that captivate me are the memories surrounding the places and characteristics of the environments that I loved or the things/places that my family loved when I was just a thought. These are the things that create nostalgia. So when a family invites me into their home to capture their real life, I’m incredibly honored and imagine someday these little ones will look back on these images with fond memories about that tree swing they had in their front yard or the memories they shared as a family in that house when the baby was just a baby or how beautifully mom always wore her pearls (timelessly, I might add). These are the things that make me love my job.


Family Session


Family Session4
Family Session3
Family Session5
Family Session2
Family Session1



Jennifer Magruder

These are great Elli!!

Crew and Carter Fun Box

The Fun Box is fun. That is all.

kids photobooth funbox




Like a boss.

kids photobooth

Karen Brady

Cute shots of all 3 kids. Crew is a character.

Renee McDougall

The rolls! The hair! Could that baby be any cuter?! I think not. I love these moments you captured with all three. The family must be thrilled with them! VERY nicely done!

Elam Family

Well, shame on me for taking so long to blog this foresty glam family session. I love when clients have ideas, vision and drive. We had fun, we all got a little tree sap on us (I may have gotten more than a little) and one little one had to pee in the woods. I say win for adventure! Two thumbs up for awesome and adventurous clients.


Drink Tacho’s Coffee

If given the opportunity to do commercial work in Costa Rica, it most certainly should be for a coffee factory. Since my travels over the last year here in central america, I’ve come to realize, Seattle has nothing on coffee (sorry Seattle). Here in Costa Rica you get the best, the freshest and the most natural, and you don’t even have to pay extra for it. Imagine….coffee cherries picked, sun dried, kissed with natural “honey” from the coffee bean fruit, roasted, brewed, enjoyed. That simple, nothing else. Cafe Lomas de Sabalito is no exception. And I promise, I’m not being biased, it’s some of the best that I’ve had here in Costa Rica. It’s tradition for most Tico’s to drink coffee in the morning and afternoon for ‘cafesito’, so, I’ve had A LOT of coffee, just sayin’. Oddly enough, you go just a little north to Nicaragua or slightly south to Panama, you might as well be on another planet when it comes to the coffee.

Tacho has a passion for coffee and you can see it when he talks about it. His factory is also very sustainable and earth friendly. His drier is fueled by a wood fire (imagine the touch of flavor that adds) and he uses the coffee bean peel to keep the fire burning hot. Nothing seems to go to waste. Tacho’s beans (in their unroasted state) are primarily shipped to Starbucks in the US and to Italy. His beans are top notch, maybe you’ve even had them in your kitchen. But, Costa Rica is the only place you will find Cafe Lomas de Sabalito from bean to cup because he only roasts on a small local level. Calling all coffee lovers, Costa Rica is where it’s at. Mmmmm coffee.





Drying fruit








Thanks Barbie! Mmmmm, it was delicious! :)