Launch Party and You

I’ll warn you now that you should probably avert your eyes if you’d prefer to not read all this gush…it’s about to get sappy up in here.

I am so grateful to all my friends, family, customers, colleagues and vendors for all their support on Sunday. My personal opinion of the photography wedding industry in general screams division – so many are on the defense with all they view as their competition. I’m not going to lie, the competition is stiff but what’s to compete with, I think I already have the best clients out there.:)Clearly our network includes a lot of people that appreciate the same things we do, they’re fun, supportive, excited and just ‘get us’. I am genuinely honored to share each wedding with my clients; to capture, each new baby, all the family laughs and every special moment that you all let me share with you. It’s true…I don’t just say it, This last Sunday, I got to thank you all. And frankly, I had so much fun, I think we may need to make this an annual customer appreciation event. What do you think? Would you come?

I loved chatting with all the aspiring photographers and the established photographers that came out Sunday; all the families, the new brides and grooms and the seasoned brides and grooms and every one else.:)Thank you all so much for coming out.

Our sponsors were so awesome and I was excited to send our guests home with so many great things. Be sure to check out their websites – they’re all good people to know.

The Scotch and Vine
Exclusive Image Events
Sweet Strap Express
Bo9 Photography
Bee’s Florist

Biggest thanks goes to this guy – my favorite person in the whole wide world. Your endless support, encouragement, understanding of late work nights and your insistence on me to continue, even when I wanted to give up, is the ONLY reason I’ve gotten this far. You’re the best of the best…and super cute!

This PartyBooth was pretty special to me. Great to see all these awesome people having fun. Here’s a few of my initial favorites. More coming soon.

If you couldn’t make it this time, no problem – we’ll share all the new brand goodies with you soon here on the blog.

These. are. awesome. Can’t wait to see the rest… I had a bast… and yes, if you do this every year, I promise to show up.

Pamela Duke

I would come too. We had a great time….if it wasn’t obvious by the fact we were one of the last to leave. Small world.. it appears the second picture has an old coworker of mine in it and happen to date my sister(yes the one of whom you took her wedding pictures). Funny…too bad I missed him at the party. That’s how off the hook it was… many people I missed some of the ones I knew 😉

Kathi Parr

We had a great time. Loved being with our family again. We miss you bunches and can’t wait to do it again.


These are awesome!!!


We had a blast as well! Of course we would come every year!!
You are amazing at what you do so please don’t ever give up, just keep going. you always give clients what they want. I know from a personal level not just a professional level!

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