Mason and Chloe’s Birth Story

I am awe struck at the amazing privilege I have as a photographer. The photographing of two people creating a lifetime bond of union and of ones birth is by far some of the greatest privileges I have. This day I was able to photograph the birth of two very special new lives. My first, and certainly not my last birth story…I’m almost left without words. Amazing, wonderful, perfect, beautiful…grateful. Thank you for allowing me to share this intimate moment with you and your family. Congrats on your current stats as parents – 4 babies under the age of 3.:)

I’m so in love with photographing birth stories. Interested in your own? Inquire for more details. I’m interested in all types of births but I’d love to do a home birth soon.

Elli, I’m proud to know you. I think this is the first time in viewing a photographic blog post that I focused on the event and not just the series of pretty pictures that happened to be taken at the same place. Amazing work.

Side note: Maybe it has to do with it being a C-section but those newborns are actually cute! (Most newborn babies look a little funny to me.)

Congrats Flajole family!


I am in love with this! Their baby is beautiful, and you did an amazing job at capturing the entire experience.


so cool.

Jennifer Vertetis

Love it!

Tricia Flajole

You did an amazing job! Thank you so very much for capturing the moments – we will cherish this forever. I love it!!!

Lori Centrella

Thanks for sharing this Jen. Your sister is so smart to have photographed this! The photos are so touching!

Sharon McCann

Beautiful pictures of a wonderful experience!

Wow, Elli. Great work. Your photos are very impressive and surely it was amazing to take part in something so special.

Linda Flajole


These photos are so gorgeous, and you have given the kids a very special gift. Rich and I were both moved to tears. Your photos are soft, gentle, lovely, poignant. And, of course, your subject matter (all of them) couldn’t be more beautiful!

Oh my goodness! I love this new concept! When you let me know what new projects you have been taking on I had to jump on the computer right when I got home. I love this! Beautiful images capturing such a momentous occasion. I can’t wait to see more of these. Wow, when it comes to our time to have a baby I would love to do this!


Thanks Heidi. It’s my new favorite photography avenue. I’ll be awaiting your call when first baby comes. :)

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