Wedding Album

Here’s a little inside information on Nostalgia’s album design. We follow some of the same simple rules for all of our designs and just like our pictures, they always tell a story. All albums come standard with a beautiful leather cover in sizes 11×14 or 10×8 with a minimum of 15 full-page spreads. We only use one album company, Renaissance Albums – because they rock!

1st page always includes the bride and grooms name and wedding date.

Next, what we photographers call “establishing shots.” The place, details, time of day – what ever it may be, it establishes your surroundings and/or feel of the day.

Getting ready shots I think are a perfect addition to the story. All our packages start with some getting ready shots.

The reveal: a very common series of pictures that we offer to the couples who want to maximize their time and take pictures before the ceremony. Rest assured, the moment is not lost.

I always try to include at least one full page spread – because it’s cool!

At least one page of just the bride and groom…

I always try to touch on each event that happens throughout the night. Depending on the wedding and the amount of pages I have to work with, I will often feature a different one on each page.

Of course, the dancing…

And, almost always I will end with a picture of the bride and groom. Gotta have a good closer.

Lovely! Great description of the relevant moments a bride should look for when choosing a wedding photographer to truly tell their story. (lovely images too:-)

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